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Your Team at Phil On... Business will Help You:

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Marketing/Digital Strategy

 Marketing has more than turned a corner – it’s exploded, from TV, Radio and Newspapers to any visual medium within your client’s vicinity.  Competing for their attention are your competitors and other products/services.  Let us help you define a strategy to be at the front of the line.

Business Development

The goal of creating long-term value for your company is met by reporting on growth opportunities and subsequently supporting and monitoring the implementation.  We collaborate and integrate knowledge and feedback to assure that the growth opportunity will be successful.

Strategic Planning

Setting goals, determining actions and mobilizing resources to achieve those goals is the primary focus in developing your strategic plan.  We poll many parties and research sources in the analysis of your organization and the industry in which you compete to help you develop your specific plan.

Brand Value/Awareness

Your brand can be one of the most valuable assets of your company.  Developing your brand identity; along with the consumer’s perception that the quality of your product or service is superior to all others, is created through carefully crafted and monitored communication channels and consumer education.

Venture Funding Preparedness

Your passion and preparedness will go a long way in obtaining the funding you require, but even the best idea will be put through rigorous scrutiny by potential investors.  We help you analyze your market, identify your strengths, support your raise and help you know how to present your opportunity.

Product/Service Evaluation

Regardless of whether you are creating something new or adding to an existing offering you have a lot invested in its success – time, money, your future and the future of your company.  We help you step back and evaluate the viability, usability and ultimately the profitability of your product or service.

Phil On Business Team

Top Down View

We use an organized approach, proceeding from the larger more general structure down to smaller, more detailed aspects of your business to determine how information is processed and knowledge is ordered within your organization.

Phil On Business Team

Working Alongside

We integrate seamlessly with your team and work with them to achieve the agreed upon goals.  Keeping them involved in the broad issues is motivational and rewarding and their contribution is necessary to achieve the desired results.

Working at a Distance

Working at a Distance

Technology has finally afforded us the benefits of a Global Workplace.  Using the latest technologies for cloud computing and collaboration along with communications architectures currently available we can bring together resources not previously available.

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